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Pumpkin Carving of Giraffe Heads
Gingebread House Sculpture

The Food Artist Group

The Food Artist Group is a collection of artists that are tops in their field for various mediums.  The group was started by James Parker.  James turned his many appearances on The Food Network into a booming business in the food art industry.  

Many of our artists have been featured on The Food Network or won major competitions in their respected mediums.  We service the entire United States.

We specialize in fruit and vegetable carving, pumpkin carving, cheese carving, ice sculptures, bread sculptures and toast art, candy sculptures, pasta art, cake sculptures, and much more!

Cake Sculpture of Peacock

Food art is great for festival entertainment, product launches, grand openings, social media advertising, or any special event that requires a unique and customized focal point!

Pasta Art Sculpture of Lion Head and Rhino
Fruit and Veggie Carving of Gnomes

Our team of artists will create elaborate sculptures

from the most common foods and other products!

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